Women and Youths Supporting Center

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Women and Youths Supporting Center

Reaching to Gender equally and elimination of all types of violence and discrimination in Afghanistan
informing and capacity building of individuals in the society for decreasing the rate of violence, discrimination, conflict, addiction and poverty in the northern side of Afghanistan.
Capacity building of ladies, fight against violence, corruption, addiction and providing awareness raising in Afghanistan.
Short Introduction:
WYSC has been established in 1995 in Balkh province and has done several projects with Kabul and Tajikistan immigrants.
This Center did not have any formal activities during Taliban government but made some courses for those girls whom were not allowed to go to school in that time.
In 2003 restarted the activities and in 2006 had been registered in ministry of economy in 871 numbers.

Previous Activities :

• Women right information in 9 northern provinces
• Development of female government workers in 9 northern provinces.
• Poultry project in Mazar-e-sharif.
• Jam making for needy women in 7th district of Mazar-e-sharif
• Research on the life of carpet weavers.
• Treatment addicted carpet weaver
• Embroidery project food for work for 3000 poor women around Mazar city.
• Women rights information for 3000 women who are enrolled in embroidery project.
• Women Right information for 600 literate persons of Dehdady, Balkh, Khulm, Nahreshai, Hairatan and some regions of Mazar-e-sharif. This project has been started on 22 November 2008 up to jully 2009
• (Rehabilitation of women in the risk ) started in 4th February 2009 and finished on 29 of January 2010. The donor Was UNIFEM (EVAW Special Fund)
• Treatment of addicted women is the begging of this project which started on February First and end of project is June 2009 that the donor of the project is GTZ Role of law.
• Quilt swing project funded by Federal republic of Germany from January 2010 up to 29 February 2010
• Treatment of addicted Carpet weaver women funded by ASDHA a Spanish organization.
• Awareness about Islamic right of women. Funded by Right and Democracy.
• Awareness about Islamic rights of Women which is started on 2nd January 2011 and will be finish on 30 April 2011 and the donor is AWE grand fund from US embassy
• Computer & English training Centre in Ali Abad District of Naher-e-Shahi begin in May 2011 up to first November 2011, funded by ASGP
• WFP (Food for work project) Started from March 2011 and ends on 1st September 2011
• Food facility project which start it’s activities with the cooperation of Action Aid Afghanistan and funded by European Commission
• LRRD project which is started in October, 2010 and is continuous up to next 3 years with the cooperation of Action Aid Afghanistan and funded by European commission
• AWJT project funded by US Embassy August 2012 up to April 2013-Balkh province
• AWI project funded by US embassy Role project October 2012 up to March 2013-Balkh province
• Covering IDPs and host communities in peace building and hygiene & awareness raising project Mazar, 2013
Activity Area:
- Awareness raising:
—human rights
—conflict resolution
—Hygiene and health awareness
— literacy course
—election and political participation
—harms of drugs and smokes
-Capacity building of ladies
- fight against poverty
- medication of addicts
Activity Location:
Northern side of Afghanistan; 9 provinces


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