Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization (WEGEO)

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Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization (WEGEO)

After three decades of war in Afghanistan historic agreement reached in Bonn on 5th December
2001 to provide Afghanistan a precious opportunity to break out the entrenched pattern of
conflicts, return to normalcy, and enable its long-suffering people to rebuild their lives.
After the Bonn agreement, huge numbers of afghan refugees retuned to their homeland thinking
that their country is freed of war now. But now they are facing with unemployment problems
especially the women, because most of them are uneducated in southern region. Afghan women
have suffered in every field being behind to get their rights over the past three decades. The long
years of continued wars and chaos dismantled the social, economic and political spheres entirely.
Afghan women have suffered a hardship, especially under the cruel regime of the Taliban where
they were not allowed to get education, job or even get out of homes.
However, now as the war is over, the government and the international community established
the laws to protect human rights and improve people’s living standards. Afghanistan’s
Constitution clearly states that men and women are equal in the eyes of the law in Articles 7 and
22. The activities are also monitored to make sure these laws are taken into consideration in all
cases, but still they are not applied properly in many cases especially in regards to women.
Therefore, a talented group of women decided to establish Women Empowerment and Gender
Equity Organization (WEGEO), which is 100% women owned NGO. The NGO is established to
empower women in southern region through vocational trainings and income generation and
educational programs. WEGEO plans to implement these activities with the poor and most
vulnerable women to help them become self-sufficient and earn a living standard through their
own abilities. By applying these activities effectively, the social situation will be improved and
will also assist in establishing peace and harmony among the people and in the community.
WEGEO Mission to provide Basic health & Education, Peace, Human Rights,
Vocational training, and Business opportunities to the women in required
areas. This NGO envisions empowering the afghan women through
education, bringing social and economic developments, removing the
poverty and creating the employment. It aims to provide peaceful and
democratic society where women are skilled and able to earn their income
independently for their families.
The Objectives of WEGEO are:

2.2.1 Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization will attain
women’s rights and freedom.
2.2.2 To provide rights to the women according to the Constitution of
2.2.3 To decrease violence against women.
2.2.4 To improve the economic developments to women who are at home.
2.2.5 To provide women an opportunity to take part in providing income for
themselves and their families;
2.2.6 Enhance the value of a woman through her income in the community.
2.2.7 To share information on a range of topics including educational
opportunities for women and children, social events, governmentsponsored
and NGO programs, and health and hygiene education that is
not otherwise available to the majority of the women in Afghanistan.
Short Introduction:
1.1 Women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization (WEGEO) is a humanitarian
non-commercial, non-political and non-governmental organization.
1.2 WEGEO shall undertake programs and project relating to humanitarian, Education,
Basic health & Environment, Peace, Human Rights, Capacity building/Vocational
training, Community development/skills, women agriculture activities, Income
Generation, Basic Education/ Health and literacy Social Mobilization, marketing
skills/ Business opportunities.
1.3 WEGEO shall develop educational programs and concepts for operations in
consultation with NGOs, UN Agencies and Donors.
1.4 WEGEO shall work in close cooperation with other NGOs, UN bodies and Donor
1.5 WEGEO is able to conduct a situation analysis survey in the target areas.
1.6 WEGEO’s main office is located in Kandahar and establishes sister branches in other
provinces of Afghanistan for coordination and implementation of projects

WEGEO is consisting of:
3.1 A Decision Making Board
3.2 An Advisory Board
3.3 An Executive Director will discharge its functions through the following sectors.

Program sector consisting of following departments:
3.3.1 Human rights Department
3.3.2 Vocational training Department
3.3.3 Basic health& education Department
3.3.4 Administration, Finance and Secretariat sectors.

4.5 General Meetings
A. Decision making board.
Decision making board will hold monthly general meetings of the head office of
WEGEO to make decisions on technical, administration and financial affairs.
B. WEGEO would call Advisory Board meetings four times a year and this meeting will
be evaluating the success and failure of the organization. And will also be advising on
the improvements of the activities.
C. The WEGEO will present its work plan program and progress report to the
Advisory Board meetings for further evaluation and confirmation.
4.6 Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by chairman, or in his absence, the deputy chairman
of the advisory board.
The secretary is to inform all members of the board of the special meeting two days
before the convening of the board stating the date, time, location and purpose of the
special meeting.
4.7 Quorum
Quorum for any meeting will be two thirds (2/3) of the voting members of the board
and voting shall be simple.
4.8 Agenda and Minutes
The secretary is responsible to the chairman for the production and distribution of
agenda and minutes of meetings.

General Provision
6.1 This charter is effective as of 1 Jan 2012.
6.2 The charter may be revised and amended by the Decision Making Board.
6.3 Amendment, deletion, alteration or any other changes or dissolution of WEGEO
is the authority of the Decision-Making Board.

7.1 An experienced and professional staff that included volunteer and permanent staff
members will direct women Empowerment and Gender Equity Organization to
work more effectively in the community. This staff includes ten permanent
members and four volunteer members that play an important role as Board of
Directors and are committed to the mission and objectives of the organization.
Activity Area:
a. Education, Basic health & Environment
b. Peace, Democracy & Human Rights
c. Capacity building/Vocational training
d. Community development /skills
e. Women agriculture activities
f. Income Generation.
g. Basic Education/ Health and literacy
h. Social Mobilization, marketing skills/ Business opportunities
Activity Location:
WEGEO’s main office is located in Kandahar and establishes sister branches in other
provinces of Afghanistan for coordination and implementation of projects
Focus on:
Women, Youth
+93703 – 856 – 889

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