Shuhada Organization (SO)

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Shuhada Organization (SO)

The SO vision is to strive to see an aware, prosperous and healthy society in Afghanistan through providing high quality services in line with the principles of democracy, rule of law, social justice, peace and non-discrimination.
Provision of good quality services in the health, education, human rights, women rights and empowerment of local community and democracy sectors. To this end, SO has a common slogan which says “working for a better tomorrow”. Working for a better tomorrow is not only the slogan, it makes the philosophy of SO too.
1. Changing behavior toward human rights and specifically women rights treatment through awareness raising and advocacy on human/women rights.
2. Enhancing patterns of attitudinal and behavioral changes among civil society representatives and organizations.
3. To provide basic literacy courses for illiterate women and young girls also, quality education to children enrolled in the educational system.
4. The society in the intention area is aware of Gender issues and the organization is more Gender sensitive.
5. To enable orphans and widows as productive and self-dependent members of the society.
6. Community is well aware of democracy and democratic principles are observed in the governance.
7. Raising health and hygiene awareness and provision of quality health services to contribute in the reduction of mortality and morbidity.
8. To develop technical and operational capacity of SHUHADA to be client focused effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable organization.
Short Introduction:
Shuhada Organization (SO) was born from the ashes of a destroyed Afghanistan by the Soviet invasion. It was a sign of determination, resolve and commitment to a human society which faced an existential threat from the invasion and war. The organization was founded in August of 1989 by a young, committed woman Dr. Sima Samar who personally experienced and went through negative effect of war and destruction. A physician by training and human rights and women rights activist, Dr. Samar fled Kabul after her husband was forcibly disappeared by the Communist Regime and she was in immediate danger. She took refuge in Jaghori district of Ghazni and started her work by helping people through providing them medical treatments. Soon she found it difficult as she became target of persecution and intimidation by military groups in the area, so she had to flee again to Pakistan in November 1984, Quetta Pakistan, where she never stopped her service to refugees like herself. Her training background as a medical doctor, her commitment as human rights activist, her experience as a refugee and victim of human rights violations and continued war provided her the motive, the strength and tools to start on humanitarian front of resistance by focusing only to help and to provide services to civilian people. So, Shuhada Organization was founded and grew out of this context until today.

Shuhada Organization (SO) as an Afghan NGO was established to work for welfare and progress of Afghan citizens with a primary focus on support and empowerment of women and children. The organization was founded to address the crisis of absence of health, including the reproductive health care for Afghan refugee women and children and education programs to them and soon after the establishment of hospital and schools for Afghan refugees in Quetta, Pakistan, Shuhada Organization expanded its work inside Afghanistan with establishing Hospitals, clinics and schools for boys and girls. Its activities have expanded in the areas of training of medical staff particularly female nurses and midwives as it was the only means to better human resource for reduction of mother and child mortality.
Shuhada projects were and are always in accordance with the high standard, commitment and responsive to the basic need and requirement of the Afghan refugees outside and the people inside of the country.

After the fall of the Taliban regime Shuhada also expanded its focus and work on human rights, women rights and community empowerment, women inclusion and participation in election and democratic process in the country. These work and projects were and being conducted through literacy course, training on gender, human rights and democracy. As a result of these work and projects, women are more active, better informed and participating on public affairs including elections, public work, economic activities and social and cultural affairs.

Shuhada is governed by a board of directors and committed executive leadership. The current executive director Mr. Jawad Wafa who previously worked as deputy executive director has been selected as a executive director since end of 2014 and has a very strong background on NGO and humanitarian work.
Activity Area:
•Sustainable development including internal economical sustainability
•Human Rights
•Capacity Building
•Democracy and Governance
Activity Location:
Bamyan, Daikundi, Ghor, Sar-e-Pol, Balkh, Samangan, Oruzgan, Maidan Wardak, Parwan, Kabul, Lowgar, Panjshir, Kapisa, Laghman, and Konar.
Focus on:
Women, Youth, Marginalized groups(Underprivileged, Disadvantaged groups, IDPs, Minorities, People with disabilities etc.)
+93 (0) 788 886 965 – 799 409 544

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