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Support Afghan Youth & Democracy Organization

Activity Description:
SAYDO’s mission is to provide technical and capacity development supports to Afghan youth and women to help them engage in political and socials affairs in the country and as well to support Women rights in the country. Meanwhile, SAYDO is working to ensure a free and fair election through conducting professional and neutral observation and as well helping with the electoral processes through conducting capacity development programs for candidates and their observers on details of door to door election campaigning, election monitoring process, public awareness and reporting mechanism on election activities.

Supporting electoral reforms: As the electoral reform continues to be a top issue of political discussions, SAYDO strongly supports electoral reforms both on the legislative level and technical regulations. SAYDO continues to work with other civil society organizations through consultative gatherings and advocacy efforts on electoral reform process. It encourages relevant institutions including the National Assembly to focus on the electoral reform issues since it is crucial for the success of the next elections to timely address and implement much needed changes. SAYDO is currently lobbying for the reform of both IEC law and election law in the National Assembly of the country.

Women Political Participation: SAYDO strongly supports increased political participation of women in every stage of political and social processes. It provides training and civic education programs for women on women rights, leadership skills and as well help them engage political processes.

Building relationship between civil society and government: SAYDO endeavors to strengthen collaboration and coordination between electoral bodies and CSOs in various levels, as it believes that a strong coordination is a key component of conducting electoral process.

SAYDO is having a board of trusties including 5 experienced individuals who have worked long with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), governmental bodies and UN for around ten years. Delivery of capacity development programs such as, political parties, youth and political processes, internship, national assembly, women and elections are successfully accomplished under the leadership of these individuals within the past years.

Meanwhile, SAYDO is having a strong relations with around 26 civil society organizations who are having branches in most provinces of the country that could be a great source of help in case of any need in provincial level. SAYDO has a permanent office in Kabul and covering activities in the provinces through this office.

SAYDO is having 58 volunteer members in provincial and capital level who are activated in case of need at anytime. All volunteer members of SAYDO are selected through graduated members of provincial council’s internship programs in each province, those who have proved commitment, capacity and confidence over quality accomplishment.

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