Radio Azad FM 97.8 Mazar e Sharif

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We want to be in hard compete with capital (Kabul) Medias and get overtaking from them ( we won’t to be local ) the work which the other medias of this province couldn’t do it, we want to be engage with youth and provide them the opportunities to show their talents and abilities.
Radio Azad 97.8 FM is aiming to be the best in the Broadcasting and producing industry by new innovations and ideas. With experienced, educated and young staff we will extend our programs in all over the country. We are willing to be committed and to do our best for our national and international clients.
Radio Azad 97.8 FM is operating in Mazar- e- sharif which is located in northern provinces of Afghanistan, This Radio Station is quite private not affiliate to any party or government ,
we are engage in Radio Broadcasting and producing commercial spots , producing radio drama, producing video commercial spots .
Short Introduction:
Our team is trained and expert on their task. Most of our audiences are youth and this is also our desire to have positive impact upon youth and make them aware from new technologies and encourage them to participate in our programs.
Activity Area:
producing and broadcasting radio spots
Activity Location:
Gavozjan ,Sari pul and Kondoz province
Our voice is hearable in the following area
• Balkh province ( Mazar e sharif )
• Chahar bolak Distract
• Charkant Distract
• Chimtal Distract
• Khulm Distract
• Dowalt abad Distract
• Dadadi Distract
• Zari Distract
• Shortapa Distract
• Sholgara Distract
• Kashanda Distract
• Kaldar Distract
• Marmal Distract
• Mazar e sharif
• Nari shai Distract


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