Press Release 13,October 2014

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Press Release 13,October 2014

Press Release
In regards to Environment Protection and Limiting the Use of Plastic Bags and Plastic Disposable Dish Wares

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Volunteer Civil Society Advocacy Group in Kabul, including the Foundation for Culture and Civil Society (FCCS), Afghan Landmine Survivors’ Organization (ALSO), Afghan Women’s Social and Educational Organization (AWSE), Future Leaders Organization (FLO), Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled (AOAD), Afghan Women’s Rights Organization (AWRO), and Afghan Women Educational Center (AWEC) are proud to advocate for addressing the environmental problems that have been caused as a result of excessive use of plastic bags and plastic disposable dish wares. Your participation in the conference shows your support for solving the aforementioned challenges. The Volunteer Civil Society Advocacy Group in Kabul has proudly been able to obtain the support of more than 700 Kabul citizens in a petition signing campaign.
Environmental challenges are one of the major sources of concern in Afghanistan, and [excessive use of] plastic bags are a big part of this challenge. According to Environment Protection Department of Afghanistan, 70 percent of solid contamination in major cities of Afghanistan has been caused as a result of excessive use of plastic bags. Such contamination has influenced the growth of grasses/grasslands, surface waters and even underground waters. Plastic causes solid contamination when it is left on the ground, will cause pollution when it is burned and will cause other serious challenges when it is buried because it can survive 100 to 300 years when it is buried.
The National Environment Protection Agency, as an independent organization, is responsible for: mobilizing and supervising the environment protection affairs; preventing from contamination of the environment; and enforcing the legislation regarding the environment protection in the county.

The resolution #41, issued on Jan 10, 2012 by the Council of Ministers instructs the municipalities around the country to ban the usage of plastic bags in all shops in the cities and provinces across the country. The resolution also states that: “Ministries of Public Health and Information and Culture as well as the President’s Advisor for Public Health should raise the public awareness regarding the problems that are caused as a result of usage of plastic bags.

In addition, in a resolution issued on March 28, 2011 by the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Finance were instructed to ban the import of plastic bags to the country.

Based on the information of the Advocacy Group, no serious action has been taken in regards to enforcing of the abovementioned resolutions over the past four years and no progress has been made in this area.

Considering this challenge, the Kabul Advocacy Group asks the media outlets to help them raise this issue with the respected officials, so that the new administration takes serious measures for addressing this problem. We can prevent a health and environmental catastrophe which endangers our citizens, especially the residents of Kabul city.

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