Press Conference 13, October 2014

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Press Conference 13, October 2014

PC-1On October 13, 2014, Future Leaders’ Organization (FLO) and Kabul partner CSOs conducted a press conference on environment issue, limiting plastic bags and dish- wares usage. High authorized representatives from line departments; Environment Protection Committee/Lower House, Provincial Council, National Environment Protection Agency ( NEPA), Kabul Municipality, Kabul Public Health Directorate( KPHD), and Kabul advocacy group paneled the conference. 12 listed below, visual and print famous media outlets covered the conference form which Kabul and Shamshad TV promised to broadcast it as a separate reportage. Conference participants were from line government departments, media, elected officials, UNAMA and CSOs. In total, 61 person (18 female and 43 male) from which 18 persons were advocacy group advocates (9 female and 9 male) attended the meeting. Sayara Ashory form FLO was master of ceremony. The conference started with recitation of holy Quran and playing National anthem. After short speeches of panelists on reasons for not…… the resolutions of Ministers’ Council, big challenges to cope with this issue, harmful effects of plastic on health, and recommendations the press release read by advocacy group representative, Mr. Temor Hakimyar, executive director of FCCS. At the end participants asked some questions and shared their opinion on how to deal with such issues that were responded by panelists.
• Ms. Khatera Eshaqzai, Kabul PC member
• Ms. Sahera Sharif, MP
• Dr. Sayed Abd Habib Rahmany, Deputy KPHD
• Eng. Shawali Zamye, Kabul Municipality
• Mr. M. Kazim Humayoon, Planning Director/NEPA
• Eng, Habib Zazi, Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG)
• Mr. Temor Hakimyar, FCCS, executive director

• UNAMA media center
• Meywand Broadcasting Network (MBN)
• Sada-e- Afghan
• Salam Watandar
• Noreen TV
• Andisha-e- Jawan
• Aryana TV
• Chanel I
• Shamshad TV
• Kabul TV ( Kabul Municipality TV)
• Hashat-e- Sobh Newspaper

• Corruption
• Low commitment of government and elected officials
• Weak follow up policies and procedures
• Low budget
• Issuing unpractical decrees form governmental officials
• Low public awareness programs

• Civil Society Organization should work more on public awareness programs and boost advocacy activities:
- The advocacy group should arrange more meetings with elected and governmental high official.
- The advocacy group should produce a informative and awareness audio and video clips that can be broadcasted through supporting media outlets.
- The advocacy group should develop, publish and distribute awareness brochures.
- The advocacy group should try to reach president and new cabinet but before that they should have coordination meeting to identify the challenges and recommend best practices.
• Media should support such advocacy campaigns and pass massages for public awareness especially during programs that mostly women are the audience/viewers, because women are the category that can bring positive change in culture and practices starting from their families.
• Elected officials should address the socioeconomic challenges of citizens and do advocacy for it and represent their constituents practically and raise their voice when any decree or resolution is not followed.
• Government should plan to limit plastic usage strategically- focus on how to provide and introduce the alternatives, raise public awareness, establish more restricted follow up and role of law procedures.
• Fatema Gelany, Afghan Women Council(AWC) director acknowledged the advocacy initiative and committed to support and be part of this advocacy group. She said that she is pleased to attend an event that is focusing on public interest and discuses how to solve real challenges of the citizens, Afghan people are really tired of political businesses- Lets join such groups that are straggling for public benefit!
• Dr. Rahmani, deputy director/KPHD said that he will raise this issue in Ministry of Public Health monthly coordination meeting where all line governmental departments and donors are attending. This committee has a 13 member board who make decisions that is seriously followed up.

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