Organization for Human Relief (OHR)

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Organization for Human Relief (OHR)

To promote and protect the humans, human security and well-beings of communities through principles of sustainable development – the development that is economically sound, gender responsible and socially equitable.
To mobilize support for durable partnerships through human protection and actions to serve and respond the communities’ basic humanitarian and development needs with participations of gender, disabilities, youth and valued stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries.
The core objectives are:
i. To ensure that human rights of all persons are secure of in their enjoyment of their goods and freedoms that are necessary in dignified living.
ii. To save the suffering communities through sustainable and long term participatory approaches for alleviating poverty in Afghanistan
iii. To strengthen and empower gender role, women rights and work out for cultural barriers
iv. To work nationally and globally for human rights & improve the social sector for cohesion and peace
v. To restore and grow up livelihoods of poor, vulnerable, disable, EVIs, women and deprived segment of societies through capacity building, enterprises and agri-based development approaches
vi. To plan for and respond to the humanitarian and protection needs arising from armed conflict, naturally affected, particularly the displaced, those without access to basic and humanitarian assistance, and populations where there is no humanitarian access
vii. To prepare for and respond to the protection and humanitarian needs arising from annual and seasonal natural disasters and advocacy for their basic rights and needs fulfillment
viii. Developing capacity building and training programs for increased stakeholder engagement, partnerships and multi-stakeholder networks, and designing for Implementing mitigation and adaptation frameworks for climate change
ix. To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the youngsters, women, and IDPs to become self sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living.
x. To improve the rights of women focusing on the issues such as female genital mutilations FGM, early marriage, and other forms of discriminations against girls and women.
xi. To promote internal discussions among human rights activists, on the work of media and journalists toward contribute to national heal and development.
xii. To document the ongoing violations of human rights in the country and submit to the concerned agencies in order to bring the criminals and perpetrators on justice whenever possible.
xiii. To closely monitor human atrocities and abuses of the children in the conflict zone and avoid those problems of Child soldering, Child Exploitative labor, and Child abuse such as (physically, mentally and socially ) through community mobilization, parents and care givers
Short Introduction:
Organization for Human Relief (OHR) is non-for-profit non-sectarian, independent humanitarian and advocacy organization based in Afghanistan locally emerged in 2003 as an active agent for serving the communities and individuals through the supplemented support of rural development, humanitarian response, mass awareness and education campaigns. But laterally in 2013 the organization was potentially re-organized as registered entity under the Ministry of Economy and extended the thematic focus and portfolio on different development and humanitarian programs towards various provinces and national levels. The inspiration behind the establishment of the organization is to avail a multi sector opportunities for humanity through improvement planning and management and play a vital role in developmental sector of various communities as well as capacity building up of organizations based on participatory and indigenous approaches.

The founding members have got richest and inter-linked sector experience in socio-economic uplift, human rights, participatory community development, eco-gender mainstreaming and poverty alleviation initiatives through sustainable resource management and development approaches. The organization has been envisioned by members to focus on the ignored and marginalized segments and sectors of the society like the poor, women, children and disables dwelling in poor conditions, hygiene, risk oriented and disaster prone regions. OHR is committed and accompanied persistently with the initiatives stepped for the self-sustaining and self-driven development based on humanitarian protection and mainstreaming.

OHR is a voluntary humanitarian organization dedicated to social & economic development of communities under the attainment of human protection millennium goals and goals of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the development which is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially equitable. The OHR sustainable development approach for saving the fragility of humanity will mobilize resources to study and work out the social, economic and ecological sectors and the related contributing sub-sectors which embodied with cause effect relations with human relief and development. OHR will foster potential programs in ensuring human rights, poverty reduction, climate change & adaptations, consequences on communities’ agriculture/livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through research, advocacy and education and mass awareness. Further, provision of services to the affected and displaced communities/societies will be ensured through initiatives of Humanitarian Response & Disaster preparedness & Risk Reduction, conflict & peace-building communication and assistance. The Organization is additionally covering the associated fields of Education, Learning and Leadership, Gender, social sector development & human rights protection, community development and mobilization through the enabling role and participation of Youth, Gender, Disables and minor groups of the society. OHR is adhering with Universal Declaration of Human Rights and national policies to equip communities with its significance and their role to adopt for protection of humanity. Working on E-Governance for Sustainable Development, Environmental law, research and human rights education, Sustainable industrial development and institutional capacity building will renovate the laws/policies on national level more computable and figured out with significance of human rights insurance which leads the humans be relieved.

OHR has professional team and organ-gram with ranking hierarchy advising by board of directors, leading by executive directorate and program officers wing towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. The program and operation wing is pursuing for planning, implementation and coordination with various stakeholders. The field demonstrators, organizers and field supporting staff are the key organization committed asset to transform the planned objectives to tangible outcomes through successive implementations. Apart from the paid staff, the organization also owns a Support Group; that at the moment comprised on 22 members having experience and expertise in various sectors. They work as volunteers for the organization at need basis.
Activity Area:
OHR is strategically working and performing in the following sectors known as thematic sectors of the organization.

• Ensuring minorities, disables and aged people’s rights
• Programs for humanity and human rights understanding and respect
• Supporting women rights and awareness for eradication of all types of abuses and violence against women
• Ensuring child rights
• Cultural and academic struggle against force marriages, exchange marriages and family abuse.

• Emergency humanitarian aid of food, shelter and medicine for earthquake, floods and war affected and victims
• Disaster Risk Reduction & Preparedness
• Primary medical aid to incidents affected and victims.

• Education and awareness programs for community consciousness and encouraging to admit their children to schools
• Establishing literacy courses for men and women and efforts for standardization of education in high schools and universities
• Development of education system both qualitatively and quantitatively

• Biodiversity Conservation
• Water supply, sanitation and Hygiene education
• Food Security and Agriculture
• Establishing nurseries, and agricultural and livestock farms, and encouraging farmers for refined utilizing refined seeds.
• Struggle for eradication of narcotics cultivation

• Women Social and Economic Empowerment
• Encouraging national production and its marketing
• Promoting private sector

• Designing programs for mother and child health care
• Supporting and promoting vaccination programs in the country
• Community awareness for diseases prevention

• Community Transformation
• Establishing and encouraging community based small scale industries
• Supporting community based youth, women and civil society associations
• Community capacity development
• Peace Building and Conflict Resolutions

• Conducting cultural and literacy sessions and publishing beneficial cultural, academic, social and historical books
• Community awareness through radio, newspaper and TV.
Activity Location:
As per the organizational primary goals achievements and availability of professional capacities in resources and personnel; the coverage is extended towards responding the humanitarian issues and emergencies of all provinces of Afghanistan.
Focus on:
Women, Youth, Marginalized groups(Underprivileged, Disadvantaged groups, IDPs, Minorities, People with disabilities etc.)
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