Humanitarian Organization for Advocacy and Development (HOAD)

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Humanitarian Organization for Advocacy and Development (HOAD)

Life of freedom and dignity to everyone regardless race, ethnicity and sex, free of conflicts, violence & human rights abuses in this human world.
Working together at all levels of state and society to defeat poverty, human rights abuses, ignorance and reach prosperity, stability and protective life environment in Afghanistan
• To advocate and protect the basic Human rights especially for vulnerable groups of society ( women, children & disable)
• To facilitate the returnee Afghan refugees and IDPs in rehabilitation and resettlements
• To initiate peace and tolerance programs to strengthen civil society role in democracy and good governance practices
• To initiate capacity building program in the reconstruction and development perspective of Afghanistan
• To advocate issues and problems of vulnerable groups of society through Media outreach
• To eradicate poverty through promotion of income generating activities and Natural Resources management & livelihood programs.
• To mobilize the local communities on participatory approaches for sustainable development and environmental protection.
• To work with local and international community towards MDGs/ targets.
• To work for social and community physical infrastructure development of Afghanistan
• To carry out researches for continuous development process at different aspects in Afghanistan
Short Introduction:
The country’s asset including infrastructure has been destroyed due to the long running conflicts, poverty still to continue and the country let to become host mass destruction of public and private sectors, chaotic, human right abuses, weak administration and less rule of law and the poor and misery communities across the country.

These prolonged civil conflicts in Afghanistan have fostered a lost generation who has less experience of a kind of effective Government and poor access to basic social services particularly education and employment opportunities.

The most victims of the war amongst youth, women and children therefore, to enable all Afghan community to make choices about the way that they want their country to be governed and lead prosperous future

So in respond to this the Humanitarian Organization for Advocacy and Development (HOAD) came to existence by indigenous professionals to help reinvent ,restructure and reconstruct the Afghanistan with integrated approaches of advocacy of human rights, humanitarian issues, agricultural growth, community development and Capacity Buildings, CPIs with action research which based on participatory approach by all the levels of the community on their priorities for the future through HOAD.

HOAD is aimed to tackle the humanitarian crisis and also develops community basic social services needs and creates employment opportunities and income generation projects for the youth, women, disables and poor rural community to reduce the level of poverty and contribute national development goals.

HOAD also provides training, researches and capacity buildings to local authorities and civil society in supporting good governance with in the local authorities and community initiatives and advocacy protection for all human being to create positive environment and develop society, socially and economically.


As indigenous professionals on humanitarian sectors and capacity buildings, it was felt that there was a need for platform to act as a bridge between the suffering and desperate local communities and the UN agencies, International organizations, Afghan government, well wishers and charities that are willing to help the Afghan people. This was the philosophy behind the establishment of HOAD.

Activity Area:
Working sector:

HOAD Working in the following sectors
a) Human Rights & advocacy
b) Agricultural & Rural Development
c) Health & education
d) Cultural activities( Media)
e) Livelihood


• Humanitarian Assistance
• Democracy, Advocacies,Human rights/women rights/child protection
• Capacity building training on Good Governance, Leadership, Conflict resolution and sustainability.
• Agricultural infrastructure and livestock
• Vocational skills trainings and create employment opportunities
• Community based projects for community development
• Rural economy and home based industry
• socialization
Activity Location:
Hoad is operating in eastern Afghanistan in the following provinces.

1. Kunar
2. Laghman
3. Nangarhar
4. Nuristan

+93 700877440
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