Future for Afghanistan Children Organization(Child foundation)

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Future for Afghanistan Children Organization(Child foundation)

Child foundation believes that all children should have access to education, especially a child in need who is gifted and talented and has the desire to succeed. One of the ways to obscure the poverty in our society is to take the hand of the poorest children.
FACO works for providing better educational possibilities to destitute children in order to train them and change them into proper and good people in a society. FACO’s goal is to support the educational processes through helping deprived and talented children.
On the one hand, the organization will recognize the deprived and talented child from various places including schools, on the other hand, will seek to achieve the support of the benefactors who willing to support the said children through sponsorship (financial support).
We believe that, education is the initial rights of a child and all the children should get education without considering the ethnicity, gender, economic matter.
•Promote supporting of children rights specially living right, education, participating and its protection.
•Providing educational atmosphere for needy students and paving them the ground to learn professional and technical skills.
•Removing traditional believes and discrimination against the girls and boy’s educational right and removing the customs against humanitarian values to improve the society.
•Making efforts for removing illiteracy from the society.
•Adopting practical steps for helping blemished and vulnerable students in challenging situations.
•Making educational centers and promoting the trust of the families regarding the children educations.
•Providing services to protect the children and the other vulnerable people rights, body health.
In general, FACO with having humanitarian objectives is determined to fight against poverty and ignorance beside the thousand years of experiences of United Nation. FACO in order to achieve the development objectives will support the United Nation in these three below areas.
1)Removing poverty and starvation
2)Having global access to basic education
3)Growing social gender equality and enabling women
Short Introduction:
Child foundation is a non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2008. it acts as a supporting agent for children in need of education, as well as other vulnerable groups with focus on girls, and women empowerment. Child foundation launches educational projects, workshops and training seminars to improve the learning skills of children and their families. Our foundation is one of few organizations in Afghanistan working on promoting gender equality. It is also willing to participate in any kind of cooperation and contribution to educational, social, cultural and health programs or projects that benefit society development and the situation of children in Afghanistan.
Activity Area:
1)Diagnosis of thalassemia and support to remedy.
2)providing permanency educational possibilities to destitute children.
3)Removing poverty and starvation
4)Having global access to basic education
Activity Location:
Afghanistan balkh province , mazar e sharif city.

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