Encouraging of US Investors to Invest in Afghanistan

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Encouraging of US Investors to Invest in Afghanistan

Officials in US Government have decided to convert the 8 military basses located in different parts of Afghanistan into industrial and investments center.

Afghan officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce and industry have stated that by finding those 8 military bases converted into a business centers the Afghanistan economy will boost.

Both Afghan-US officials have commented that business has remarkable been down in Afghanistan specially by the International investors.

Afghan officials in chamber of commerce have reported that for drawing of more International investors a joint business summit will be held on December 2015.

Member of the chamber of commerce of Afghanistan-US Asad Matin said,” There will be business centers built in different main cities of Afghanistan in order to boost the Afghanistan’s economy in those military centers.”

Officials in joint industry of Afghan-US said about 5 $billion will be invested on Afghanistan industry which will create 80 $ billion in private sectors in coming years.

Its said that US investors are willing to invest in Afghanistan infrastructures.

Development and drawing investors attention is the priority of the National Unity Government.

President Ghani in his speech had said that form the remaining months the National Unity Government leaders will focus on boosting economy in Afghanistan.

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