Coordination of Rehabilitaton & Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA)

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Coordination of Rehabilitaton & Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA)

“A developed, poverty free and citizen-led Afghanistan where Afghans – both men and women – live a life with dignity”.
CRDSA is a non-government Afghan civil society organization that aims to eliminate poverty, strengthen civil society, promote human rights and reintegrate effectively Afghan returnees/IDPs through providing sustainable livelihoods to poor and marginalized groups, civil society organizations’ capacity building and networking, implementing human rights awareness and responsiveness enhancement initiatives and undertaking assistance and protection activities for Afghan returnees and IDPs.
CRDSA overall goals are:

- Poor and marginalized Afghans have accesses to better and sustainable livelihoods opportunities.

- Afghan civil society organizations have improved capacity, networks and joint advocacy efforts at regional and national levels in Afghanistan

- Afghans especially women, children and disabled enjoy improved human rights and decreased violations of their rights

- Afghan Returnees and IDPs have better livelihoods, rights protection and social acceptance in their newly residence areas
Short Introduction:
Coordination of Rehabilitation and Development Services for Afghanistan is a non-profit organization established in 2002 by Afghan volunteers in Afghanistan and is legally registered by Ministry of Economic.Since the establishment of the organization, CRDSA as an active Afghan NGO take part in different aspect of construction and assistance and provided services for the target communities. CRDSA main office is located in Herat province and is current implementing projects in Farah, Badghis, and Ghor provinces. CRDSA projects are currently funded by the following donors:
- Christian Aids
- Counterpart International
in past CRDSA has worked with US Embassy, WFP, Italian corporation, IOM, IRD. ASGP,Italian cooperation, CA-GD TrusT, NSDP-MOSLSAND, Sheladia-INC, Creative, IRC, UNIFEM, UNOPS, USAID/ARD-LGCD, USAID/ARD-ADP
Activity Area:
- Sustainable Livelihood
- Human Rights Responsiveness/Women Empowerment
- Civil Society Strengthening
- Legal Protection & Reintegration of IDPs and Returnees
Activity Location:
- Herat Province
- Ghor Province
- Badghis Province
- Farah Province
Focus on:
Women, Youth, Marginalized groups(Underprivileged, Disadvantaged groups, IDPs, Minorities, People with disabilities etc.)
0093 (0) 799-400-174

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