Future Leaders Organization (FLO)

Future Leaders Organization (FLO) is an independent, non-profit organization, established in 2012 with the goal of building the capacity of young women and to guide their path towards becoming the future leaders of Afghanistan.
The FLO was born out of the Future Leaders Club (FLC) program implemented by the International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES) in Afghanistan. Since its inception in 2010, IFES has trained over 500 young women through the FLC program. The
FLC is a training program for young women 18-25 years old who display a strong interest in political activism.
Inspired by their FLC experiences, a group FLC alumnae launched the FLO to offer more learning opportunities for young women who want to lead their country into a better future. FLC alumnae envision the FLO as a self- sustainable, prominent youth leadership organization operating throughout the country, which will continue the training and networking of the FLC program.
A central goal of FLO is to connect and create networks between young women leaders who will become Afghanistan’s next generation of social and political leaders. Specifically, FLO seeks to provide its members with information through lectures and trainings on relevant issues of democracy and governance, women’s issues, leadership building, and other skills, which are complemented with practical exercises and exposure to socio-political bodies. FLO also aims to create opportunities for members to advocates and facilitate public awareness on important issues.
Future Leader Organization (FLO) is registered in 2012 with the Ministry of Economy and is one of the Afghan Civil Society Election Network’s (ACSEN), board members. FLO has its main office in Kabul, with other sub-offices in Bamiyan, Herat, Nangarhar, , Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Nemroz, Farah, Ghor and Badghis.

Emerge as a self-sustainable, prominent youth leadership organization operating throughout the country. Strives to forge an educated and informed network of future women leaders, poised to advocate for good governance, women’s rights and positive changes in Afghanistan
Empower Afghanistan’s future women leaders through educational programs paired with skills building
activities and other unique opportunities for personal growth designed to exercise new skills where leadership is realized.
Empowers its members to seize their own leadership potential and prepares them to become actively involved in their country’s future by installing a sense of civic-mindedness and civic participation.

1. Education and skills building:
Offer educational programs to improve the capacity of young women in leadership.
Provide intensive civic education programs and skills building activities to enhance leadership, self-confidence, public speaking, and research.
2. Networking:
Sustain a national network of young women leaders from all over the country, where members can exchange ideas and experiences on different social issues. Network will build long-lasting connections among members, which offer opportunities for support and mentorship. Establish connections with international women’s networks to learn from their experiences.
3. Advocacy & Public outreach:
Promote youth led advocacy and educational outreach which focuses on advancing women’s rights as well as youth’s role in civic development.
4. Raise public awareness:
Members take their knowledge acquired through activities and further disseminate information to raise awareness on important issues. This may include transparent elections, good governance, civic participation, women’s rights, and youth engagement in Afghanistan.

Press Release 13,October 2014

Press Release 13,October 2014

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Press Release In regards to Environment Protection and Limiting the Use of Plastic Bags and Plastic Disposable Dish Wares Monday, October 13, 2014 The Volunteer Civil Society Advocacy Group in Kabul, including the Foundation for Culture and Civil Society (FCCS), Afghan Landmine Survivors’ Organization (ALSO), Afghan Women’s Social and Educational Organization (AWSE), Future Leaders Organization […]

Press Conference 13, October 2014

Press Conference 13, October 2014

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On October 13, 2014, Future Leaders’ Organization (FLO) and Kabul partner CSOs conducted a press conference on environment issue, limiting plastic bags and dish- wares usage. High authorized representatives from line departments; Environment Protection Committee/Lower House, Provincial Council, National Environment Protection Agency ( NEPA), Kabul Municipality, Kabul Public Health Directorate( KPHD), and Kabul advocacy group […]


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