Afghan Youth National and Social Organization(AYNSO)

Afghan Youth National and Social Organization

AYNSO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, social and cultural organization dedicated to helping young Afghans understand and advance democracy. With a grassroots network reaching all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, AYNSO empowers young men and women to make their voices heard to reform and enrich the democratic, economic and social fabric of their country.

What AYNSO has done since establishment?

1. Election
a. During the 2009 presidential and provincial council election, AYNSO conducted voter education events for 500,000 voters all over the country. And AYNSO transported 35,000 voters to the polling stations on Election Day.
b. During the 2010 parliamentary election, AYNSO educated 100,000 extra voters on how to vote and the importance of participating to the election and using their votes as an Afghan citizen.
c. During the both 2009 and 2010 election, AYNSO had observation mission almost all over the country, since AYNSO is legally registered with IEC.
d. During the both 2009 and 2010 elections, AYNSO provided technical supports to the open minded candidates who run for provincial council and parliamentary elections.

2. Volunteer Work
a. AYNSO conducted clean-up campaign, in one day – June 3, 2011, nationwide. During that day, 50-100 AYNSO members cleaned part of the cities in coordination with provincial Municipalities.
b. Number of AYNSO members in all 34 provinces donated their bloods for those of the people who got injured in any of insurgency attacks on July 05, 2011.
c. AYNSO, as a huge civil society organization, conducted a demonstration on July 24, 2012 to express their big concern regarding the existing corruption in Afghanistan. This demonstration was held in Kabul with 2500 youth from Kabul and neighborhood provinces.
d. AYNSO holds meeting with people in various communities, prioritize their concerns and transfer to the Parliament for possible solutions. AYNSO works as a bridge between people and elected officials (Members Parliament and Provincial Councilors)

3. Projects funded by Donors
a. AYNSO is implementing NED (National Endowment for Democracy) funded project which aims to reduce distance between citizens and state and increase the political knowledge of the people in rural areas, in Herat province. This project started on 2010 and extended for two more years.
b. AYNSO through the USAID funded project, AYNSO built a ground play for Volleyball and Basketball for the girls student of Razia Sultan high-school in Ghor province.
c. AYNSO publishes a colored high quality monthly news letter in Ghor province which reaches out to the people in all parts of that province. This project was initially funded by US Embassy for one year and after one year it is still ongoing.
d. AYNSO established two district learning centers in Baraki Barak and Mohammad Aqha districts of Logar province through which youths in those districts learn English, Computer and Internet. This project was also funded by US Embassy for one year but now the expenses are covered through the income of the centers.
e. Through the IRI funded project, AYNSO identifies and prioritize community main concern issues and finds out possible solutions in an open environment area called Town-hall meeting. At the town-hall meeting, citizens, appointed and elected officials come together and discuss about the prioritized concerns and best solutions.

What AYNSO plans to do until 2015?
1. Working on election to happen fairly.
2. Continuing fighting for corruption
3. Continuing with volunteer works
4. Implementing the projects which fits into our goals and objectives
5. Working with people, appointed and elected officials in order to reduce distance between government and people and meanwhile find out best possible solutions for the challenges.

What does AYNSO want to do in upcoming election?
1. Conduct voter education program
2. Educate people about the election, why that is important and the value of one vote as a right of a citizen.
3. Encourage people to participate to the election
4. Conduct observation mission on election day
5. Transport voters to the polling stations from the remote areas, on Election Day.

Election day observation preliminary statement

Election day observation preliminary statement

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Click this link to download the election day observation preliminary statement



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