Afghanano Aowlasi Tolana(AAT)

Afghanano Aowlasi Tolana(AAT)

The name of this union is Afghan People Union’ this union is gathered from independent, nonpolitical, civilian and afghans. It operates based on constitution of Afghanistan 35th Act, Islam religion, and under the 2nd act of social organization.

The main aim of AAT union is to provide such a group of afghan generation which would be faithful to Islamic law and our own country constitution and to help the poor and these generation would be educated people in each field {Islamic as well as science }and they will observe everywhere Islamic law and our own constitution and must be servant of afghans and they will be free from any type of criticism, socialism so to serve our nation .they must have a controller ideas and thoughts to achieve all necessities and success which is counted to be a proud required for being an afghan.

1. The union does its best for afghan’s social security’ peaceful life and cultural improvement.
2. The union tries to effectuate facilities for educational, agricultural ‘ Health development, and provide recruitment for promotion of industrial.
3. Union will work hard to prevent afghan from literacy’ and guide poor people to achieve their rights.

The union will facilitate seminars’ short term programs’ national conference’ educational gathering’ mental meeting’ cultural festival’ conversational meeting ‘ short time training’ public campaign for the advancement of the social life of afghan’ social security ‘ culture’ public unity’ and as well as to omit the located crisis in society. This will be performed by the help of expert and professional faculties to point out and support to solve the problems of the government’ organizations’ and nongovernmental institutes which operate in Afghanistan’
The union will provide health campaigns’ books show’ industrial and agricultural functions’ workshops’ and training and educational summit by the help of expert and professional ‘internal and external teachers and international organs and trade unions to develop the agriculture, health’ education system’ industrialization to make the opportunities for the jobless people.
The union make such trainings to inform the people about their and government right and the way to gain their rights and respect to others, based on rules and regulations, and also it will aware the people from the harms of the narcotics.
The union connects people and government by provincial council to acquire their rights, and struggles to obtain their basic need and facilities, and also will provide national and international training and seminars to set up the peace and unity among afghan and coordinate will them shoulder to shoulder.

Areas of activities:
Our union is a general union, from each field of life the afghan women and men have membership in our union but meanly they are divided in two wings and each wing have its shuras on village, district, provincial and national level, but struggle for basic rights and human rights is our objectives.

Provinces which is covered:
Our union has selected bodies in five provinces: Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Zaranj and Urazgan

Contact information:
our main office is in Kandahar city and Kabul,
Phone: +93(0)302004951

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