Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation And Recreation(AABRAR)

Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation And Recreation(AABRAR)

AABRAR’s vision is to see Afghanistan free of violence, prejudice and discrimination where everyone has the right to basic needs, education, social justice and equity
AABRAR’s mission is to be a non-profit organization that facilitates the on-going development initiatives across the country while offering its services to develop capacity of the civil society organizations, promote human rights and gender equality, ensure economic sustainability of vulnerable people and mitigate insecurities through awareness rising and pave way for the citizens of Afghanistan to live peacefully.

AABRAR’s core competencies/technical expertise:

The core competencies and/or technical expertise of AABRAR are as follows:

 Promote Disables Rights, Women Rights and Children Rights
 Rehabilitation
 Advocacy
 Anti-Corruption & Good Governance
 Civic Education
 Capacity Development
 Youth Development
 Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
 Media, Cultural and Recreational Activities
 Supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) through small grants
 Gender Awareness
 Organizational development

Major activities of AABRAR
Below are the sector wise activities that AABRAR is involved in.

 Inclusive Livelihood – An ILO model
 Community Awareness
 Guidance and orientation
 Basic Education
 Vocational Training
 Job Placement Support & Revolving Allowances without Interest
 Monitoring & Evaluation

 Rehabilitation
 Physiotherapy (Center Based, Community Based + Mobile teams)
 Bicycle Rehabilitation Training
 Referral services for persons with disabilities
 Wheelchair repairing workshop

 Recreational Activities
 Bicycle Race on 3rd December every year
 Volleyball Tournaments
 Football Tournaments
 Wheelchair Basketball

 Participation in games at International Level
 1994-Participated in CMWC (Cycle Messenger World Championship) in England
 1995-Participated in CMWC( Cycle Messenger World Championship) in Canada
 1996-Participated in Paralympics in Atlanta
 1996-Particpated in CMWC( Cycle Messenger World Championship) in San Francisco (USA)
 1997-Participated in Golden Jubilee celebration games in Pakistan (Got 1st Position)
 1997- Participated in CMWC( Cycle Messenger World Championship) in Spain
 2003- Participated in Cycling for Peace games in Frankfort, Germany
 2004- Participated in Paralympics in Athens (Together with Govt. Paralympics Federation)

 Anti-Corruption and Good Governance
 Conducting of anti-corruption and good governance workshops
 Conferences on provincial level
 Advocacy to the Government
 Community dialogues
 Provincial Dialogues
 Focused Groups Discussions
 Printing of Posters and Banners
 Preparing of Dramas regarding anti-corruption issues
 Printing of magazine articles regarding anti-corruption

 Cultural Activities
 Quarterly Based Magazine
 Dramas
 Television Dramas
• Palaces (Won National Peace Award in 2006)
Awareness regarding rights of persons with disabilities, women rights children rights & human rights
• Fallen faces
Successful story of persons with disabilities, removal of negative stigma from the minds of people in community, how to cope with the problems faced by persons with disabilities
• Waves
Rights of persons with disabilities and to avoid the bad cultural norms present in the society
• Leave it to God
Based on the life of persons with disabilities, human rights issues
• Chains (Zanzeerona)
Based on Children Rights, Youth Rights and their responsibilities
• Pukhtana
Based on the rights of women and to remove violence against women
• Dunya (World)
Based on corruption and its consequences, anti-corruption activities
• Edge of Cliff
Based on women rights

 Civic Education Programs
 Democracy
 Citizenship
 Judiciary System
 Parliament
 Election
 Women and civil Society
 Peace
 Government

 Construction of Accessible ways for persons with disabilities
 Construction of accessible ways (ramps)
 Awareness raising regarding the accessibility ways
 Pre and post KAB (Knowledge, Attitude & Behavior) survey from accessible way users and people in community

 Awareness workshops
 Physical Rehabilitation and Disability Awareness Training Workshops
 Mine Awareness
 Disabled Rights
 Leadership workshops
 Women Rights
 Human Rights
 Ex-Militants Rights

 Universities Entrance Exams Courses
 Universities entrance exams courses (concur) for fresh class 12th graduates.

 MMPC (Multi Media Production Centre)
 Free access to MMPC Jalalabad to all individuals of CSOs, NGOs, PWDs, Students, Journalist and General public to use internet.
 Provision of free trainings to all individuals of above mentioned organization such as basic computer trainings, Photography, Photo Editing, Videographer, Video Editing, Digital Story Telling and Blogging.

AABRAR’s programs aim to (Objectives):

 Empower marginalized people economically by providing vocational training, business development skills, and job-search training to assist people to secure long term employment.

 Create employment opportunities for beneficiaries when they have completed the training programs.

 Provision of Civic Education services

 Increase overall socio-economic participation and improve quality of life and general well being through literacy and numeracy training, health education, and mine awareness training.

 Improve the mobility of disabled people through physiotherapy, bicycle training, and sporting activities.

 Increase the social participation of disabled people and negate the negative stigma attached to disability through awareness raising.

 Generate recreation through sporting activities

 To provide emergency relief services in natural disasters and wars

 To integrate people with disabilities into the broader community by providing them with access to vocational training

 Provision of Project Proposal writing, Project Cycle Management training to the CDCs members and local councils

AABRAR brief information:
Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation and Recreation (AABRAR) is an Afghan non-governmental, non-political and not for profit organization dedicated to the social, civic and economic integration of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups as well as to the social and economic development of the civil society in Afghanistan. Established in 1992, AABRAR’s first official service endeavor was a bicycle training program, the first such training offered in Afghanistan to help persons with disabilities enhance their mobility and ride bicycles to and from their work places which had a two-fold effect of improving their health conditions and saving them transportation costs to help them support their despondent families.
Observing desperate hopes and increasing problems of persons with disabilities due to loss of precious parts of their bodies, AABRAR decided to extend its scope of work and include other rehabilitation programs that would better help in healing the wounds of persons with disabilities and their families. AABRAR therefore started consulting national and international donor agencies as well as the government of Afghanistan for starting new initiatives to better help persons with disabilities and their families. At this stage, AABRAR with the help of its respected donor agencies was able to start physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy and vocational training programs that would help people with disabilities learn and practice vocations and by that means earn bread for their families. With almost 3 decades of war and ethnic conflicts, Afghanistan is assumed to have left with almost a million persons with different kinds of physical impairments and in most cases the disabled person is the bread earner to the family. The vocational training programs helped in preparing disabled persons to learn and practice different kinds of vocations such as bicycle repair, carpentry, cobbler, tailoring, embroidery, football and volleyball making etc. that helped them run their own small businesses on daily basis in the local bazaars and earn and support their families. Thousands of persons with disabilities who have received such trainings from AABRAR are happily living their lives with their families while practicing their earned skills. With success and achieving fruitful results from the above-mentioned activities, AABRAR expanded its services to other provinces of Afghanistan to help those in need and by the end of 2011, AABRAR had active presence in 18 provinces of Afghanistan, implementing different kinds of programs for the people of Afghanistan.
Since the expansion, AABRAR’s scope of work has greatly enhanced and presently AABRAR offers services in a variety of areas that include but are not limited to civic education and democratization programs and trainings, peace building trainings, conflict resolution trainings, institutional capacity building workshops, literacy and numeracy programs, political awareness raising programs, HIV/AIDS awareness raising programs, physiotherapy and health care, bicycle training, vocational trainings in 30 different vocations, ramps construction, honey bee-keeping trainings, university entrance test preparation trainings, local government capacity development trainings, CSOs capacity development trainings, advocacy, gender equality trainings, capacity development trainings of CSOs in the policy reforms of our country, various sporting activities that include activities for both able persons and disabled persons and a series of other activities.
In the last 20 years of painstaking service to the people of Afghanistan, AABRAR has played a major role in helping the civil society of Afghanistan. It has provided various types of services to more than 4, 00, 000 persons in different provinces of Afghanistan. AABRAR has registered more than 60 Civil Society Organization (CSOs), disabled persons’ organizations and other local organizations through its different projects that include United States Institute for Peace (USIP)’s Youth Legal Education Program, Civil Society Support Centre (CSSC) in Paktia Multi-Media Production Centre (MMPC) in Nangarhar province. AABRAR, on regular basis provides capacity building trainings to these CSOs, disability related and other local organization in the areas of organizational development, advocacy, civic education, conflict resolution, media, policy formation, gender equality, proposal writing, financial management, human resources management, communication, research, National Action Plan for the Women of Afghanistan (NAPWA), Afghanistan National Disability Action Plan (ANDAP), United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), office management, report writing, fund raising etc. to help develop their capacity to perform better and deliver on their commitments made to the civil society of Afghanistan. AABRAR has also provided these CSOs and other organizations as well as youth, men, women and students with free access to any of the three established Resource Centers situated in the provinces of Nangarhar, Paktia and Parwan to have easy and free access to information, register for training workshops, access to internet, benefit from the educational environment, access to library and many more services that these resource centers offer.
AABRAR has active presence in the local communities through its community mobilizers who hold regular sessions with the people of local communities to find out their problems and issues and then bring it forward to AABRAR for further discussion with the respected donor agencies to seek assistance to address those problems. Throughout its official life, AABRAR has helped a large number of people in the local communities that include Persons with Disabilities, Men, Women, Youth, Islamic Scholars and Mullahs, Village Chiefs (Elders), Tribal Leaders, CDC Members, Members of Local Councils, School and University Teachers and Students, Vulnerable Fighting Aged Males, Minorities, Families of Disabled persons, Victims of Natural Calamities, Internally Displaced Persons, Provincial, District and Local Government Employees etc.
AABRAR as local non-profit organization has proven its capacity in effective implementation of rehabilitation programs across Afghanistan and is proud of its 20 years of honest and sincere service to the larger Afghan community and its war-torn country, Afghanistan. Involved in sustainable development and implementation of projects across Afghanistan this local grass-root not for profit organization has proven its capacity in the planning, designing and productive implementation of capacity development and rehabilitation projects. AABRAR, as a local, not for profit organization in Afghanistan, does require on-going funding from external donors in the foreseeable future to remain viable and to ensure that its services’ benefits can be sustained for a longer period.

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Fighting Corruption

Fighting Corruption

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