Asssitance to Defend Women Rights Organization

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Asssitance to Defend Women Rights Organization

ADWRO is the most effective and widely recognized organization defending women rights in Afghanistan
To bring about positive changes in all Afghan women’s lives, through providing legal awareness, capacity building programs and legal services
1. To expand the legal support communication program.
2. To increase access to legal awareness capacity building programs.
3. To increase the organizational funding capacity.
4. To increase access to legal support services.
5. To build on existing Civil Society capacity building programs and technical support services.
Short Introduction:
The Assistance to Defend Women Rights Organization (ADWRO) was founded and registered with the Afghan government in August 2002, locating its headquarters in Balkh province. ADWRO aims to enhance the lives of Afghan women through the provision of legal awareness, using both local and international media, capacity building programs in advocacy for education, income generation, health programs, and legal services. Currently, ADWRO is now widely known to be one of the most effective organizations in defending and promoting women rights in Afghanistan. Since its founding, ADWRO has implemented projects that have targeted and benefitted both Afghan men and women. ADWRO has implemented a legal assistance and elimination of violence against women program in Samangan, Sar-i Paul, and Balkh provinces. Creating roundtables for television and women’s rights legal-related resources for more than 3000 students, teachers, and mullahs (religious leaders). ADWRO helped establish Rabia Balkhi the first radio station run by and for women, in partnership with I PACS. Throughout its life, ADWRO has valued partnerships with government, non-governmental bodies, and donors, including provincial governors, Provincial Directorates of Women Affairs, Provincial Directorate of Economy, Provincial Election Councils, Provincial Judicial bodies, and district courts in Samangan, Sar-i Pul, Balkh, Jawzjan and Faryab
Activity Area:
This organization is working on below specific area.
1- Advaocacy and legal aid servicies
2- Capacity Building
3- Public Outreach/ awareness raising
Activity Location:
Five North Provinces:
1- Blakh
2- Jouzjan
3- Samangan
4- Faryab
5- Saripul

0093(0)799 620 636

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